Merry Christmas Everyone!

This Christmas is a little bit different this year. Christmas’ usually was a day filled with our kids opening their presents then getting ready for our Christmas Morning Service at church. Well this year our church is preparing to move to a new location so Christmas is at home the entire day. I do bless God for it. It allowed my husband and I to enjoy our day with our children. I enjoyed seeing their faces light up with happiness to see the gifts they receive and were able to play with them. Though I missed going to church ⛪ I’ve been enjoying this day fully. I actually some got much needed rest in. I hope that you all are enjoying your Holiday Season and pray that you have very Prosperous New Year!! God loves you and so do I!!

2018 is almost here!

As we head into this new year, many will be making resolutions, promises, declaring the goals that will be fulfilled, etc. As for me, I’m just asking God to bless me even more to do His Will, to not take life for granted, to live out my dreams and positive expectations for myself. I know that there is more in me that needs to be manifested. I don’t want to neglect the important people and things in my life. I want to make right decisions and have no regrets. To not allow negativity to get the best of me. To be the best wife I can be to my husband and mother to my children. To be happy in all situations. More importantly to have stronger relationship with God. With God all of these things are possible!

I’m back! Happy Holidays!!

Wow, I haven’t written anything in a while. Well, let’s get started! The day before Thanksgiving I got sick. I thought it was the flu 😷 because I had flu like symptoms but it was just a bad cold that I’m actually still trying to get over now. It’s kind of hard to get over because the weather here is ridiculous. In all I did have a pretty good Thanksgiving. My wonderful husband cooked Thanksgiving dinner 😍😍 and my family brought over some more food which was truly a blessing. So I ate pretty well!! I hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving Holiday!! Next up Christmas 🎄

Don’t Ever Give Up!

You may have family, friends, acquaintances that won’t support you as much as you think they would. In all of this never give up! You have big dreams? You have the power to allow them to become reality. Keep going! Failure is really not an option. Stay the course! You will win in the end!!

Reading is fundamental!

I am very happy today! God has been working on me lately. Changing my mindset. Changing my heart! I’m loving this new journey He is taking me on. I’ve never liked reading, only did it when I had to but now things are different. I want to better every area of my life and be an effective leading lady, role model, good example of a woman and one of the ways I need to do that is read often. As you already know I have a couple of businesses under my belt and God has put on my heart to read what I need to read to get me to place I need to be. One of the books I’ve decided to start is SOAR! By T.D. Jakes. I need a better understanding of entrepreneurship. There are goals I want to reach before 40. So I’m gonna do what it takes to reach them. Here’s to SOARING!! 🦅 🦅

Today is the day!

Today is the day I turn everything around. Yesterday I watched a YouTube video of Pastor Steven Furtick interviewing Bishop TD Jakes. Oh wow! It was a completely confirmation of what I need to do for myself, for my family. It changed my WHY! My why is even deeper. I feel like I’m ready to get things in order. My household, my health, my education, my finances, ministry, LIFE!! I’m ready to SOAR! 🦅


Haven’t even made it to church yet and God is already blessing me! Went from not feeling to feeling fully inspired. This video just took me to a whole ‘notha level! Thank You Jesus!! 🙌🏾🙏🏽

It’s Sunday Morning!

Good Morning! It’s Sunday Morning. Are you getting ready for church ⛪? Well I am but I just wanted to take a moment to share today. I’m not feeling all that well today but I know once I get to the church I will feel better. It always happens like that for me! I truly love God for that. Doesn’t matter how I’m feeling, He always makes things better.


Today was a very productive day! Well, it certainly didn’t start off that way. It seemed like everything was not going right but I kept saying to myself, “today is going to be good day”! Guess what??? IT WAS!!!☺️☺️😁😁😆😆 Had an awesome It Works Party! Everyone loved the information and we have 4 potential distributors joining the team!! Woohoo!! Oh yeah, head over to my website. HUGE SALE GOING ON on Skin Care items!!